Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plan Toys is as GREEN as it gets...read on and be inspired.

5 reasons we heart Plan Toys...


PlanToys® uses environmentally-friendly materials.
Organic Rubberwood
All PlanToys® are made with clean, natural rubberwood from rubber trees which no longer produce latex. To keep the rubberwood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil for three years before the trees are cut. To strengthen the wood, PlanToys® uses a special chemical-free kiln drying process.
Non-Toxic E-Zero Glue
PlanToys® are assembled using a proprietary, non-formaldehyde E-Zero.
Water Based Dye
PlanToys® does not use dyes containing lead or any other heavy metals. We use only safe, non-toxic water-based dyes on all of our toys.
Recycled and Recyclable Material
PlanToys® uses recycled and recyclable material to minimize our impact on the environment.
Soy & Water-based Ink
PlanToys® uses soy and water-based inks on our printed materials. These inks are more readily biodegradable and can be recycled more efficiently than standard chemical ink.

courtesy of PLAN TOYS

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